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If you don't have a skipper license, you don't have to do without a yacht charter vacation. Many charter companies have the option of hiring a skipper. The skipper is the captain responsible for maneuvering the chartered ship. If you have little experience in sea manning, it may also be advisable to hire a skipper on the water for the first days. You should consider taking a skipper insurance to spend a carefree holiday on a charter ship. For the charter yacht and passengers, you can insure your charter deposit or the risk of your liability. is the adequate website where you can hire a boat for any cruise of your choice.

A monohull or a catamaran

The correct option for your charter holiday for a monohull sailing boat or a catamaran is depending on many variables. Of course, also for your scheduled water holidays, your preference and specifications are crucial. When choosing the correct yacht type, the required yacht charter can also be decisive.

A Motor yacht or a Sailing Boat

You really aren't on a motor yacht and prefer to hire it? You're correct! You're on the correct page! You can charter motor ships between 5 and 30 meters in length, as a bareboat or as a luxury crewed Yacht with our Yacht Finder. Croatia, Greece, Italy or Mallorca is the most famous motor boat charter regions in the Mediterranean. Interestingly for motorboat rental are the German lake regions of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the canals around Berlin. see thisfor destinations ideal for a houseboat holiday.

Do you have to go to a new charter yacht?

Charter customers usually prefer fresh yachts. This is understandable, as everyone is eager to sail on a new style ship with the recent gadgets on board. In addition, a less used charter ship will probably be in better shape than a ship already leased for years. But you must also be conscious of certain hazards associated with chartering a brand new ship: